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Featured Cars


Price: RM95,000.00
Chassis: 5663
Year: 1991
Mileage: 35692 km
Status: Available

The SL emerged as a beautifully styled coupe at the end of the '80s having quickly made headlines around the world throughout its production time of 6 years. The SL was available in different versions and power outputs from the base 300SL (190hp for the European model/228hp for the US) to the 500SL which delivered 322hp thanks to its 5.0 L petrol unit with a V8 cylinder configuration. The specs on this particular model were very high on both European and North American markets with the car having been released with standard electric windows, mirrors, roof and seats.


Price: RM120,000.00
Chassis: 5020
Year: 1996
Mileage: 100670 km
Status: Available

Six years after its launch, the R129 saw a second mild renewal comprising slight visual changes. In order to stay in line with competition, the car received new head and taillights as well as a range of standard safety features comprising side air bags and ESP among others. In addition, comfort was kicked up a notch with the introduction of lazy-friendly automatic climate control and seats that feel almost as that couch at home. For an extra fee, buyers could also fit their cars with HID headlights and a full-glass hardtop to enhance the car's "wow" factor.


Price: RM58,000.00
Chassis: 2380
Year: 1966
Mileage: 31986 miles
Status: Available

Despite the popularity of the "Fintail"(Heckflose) models, the line-up started to steadily fade towards the mid 60's when a new range of cars was introduced. Sharing many similarities to both the "Fintails" and "Pontoons", the W108/W109 based vehicles were large and luxurious and, surprisingly, judging by the time's design tendencies, finless. The famed French car designer Paul Bracq who was behind the lines of many earlier and future models decided to drop the fins in favor of a more flowing, elegant body with an identity of its own. The letter/number designations do not refer to the car as a whole but to the size of the wheelbase. 


Price: Please call us for best price
Chassis: 1737
Year: 1988
Status: Available

The Pagoda was replaced by a new breed of cars in 1972 through the introduction of the R107 which went on to become the second best running MB car after the G-Klasse. In terms of looks, the R model seems a Pagoda which went through a surgical age reversal process with its headlights having been tilted 90ยบ and stretched  for a more aggressive look. The slightly tapered bonnet of the Pagoda was lowered thus filling the stylish hiatus between the head-lamp encasements and rest of the bonnet. New wheels front/rear bumper were added while several engines  were introduced throughout the model's existence. Although the R107 is a known term amongst connoisseurs, car bearing this designation are generally referred to as the SL and SLC, exactly the names they were sold under.


Price: RM709,000.00
Chassis: 2234
Year: 2010/2011
Mileage: 7233 miles
Status: Available

Black Interior, Electronic Memory SeaT, Full Leather Seat, DB S Bucket Seat, F1 Paddle Shift, Push Start n Stop Button, Head Up Display *Bang & Olufsen Sound, Bi-Xenon Light, 20 " Sport Rims,Carbon Fiber Bodykit