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The Porsche GT2 RS has recorded a lap time of 6min 47.3sec at Nürburgring Nordschleife, making it the fastest road-legal car to be timed there in September 2017.

Engine Specification
Displacement…………… 3800 cc
Cylinders………………….. 6
Valves per Cylinder……. 4
Compression Ratio…… 9 :1
Max Power……………….. 700 hp (515 kW)
Rev. at Max Power…….. 7000rpm
Max Torque………………. 750 Nm
Rev. at Max Torque……. 2500 – 4500rpm
Transmission…………….. Automatic Dual-clutch
Type…………………………. 7 Speed PDK
Drive Type…………………. RWD
Top Speed…………. ………. 340 km/h
Acceleration, 0-100 km/h 2.8 s
Acceleration, 0-200 km/h 8.3 s
Acceleration, 0-300 km/h 22.1 s

The new GT2 becomes the latest in a line of five namesakes, the first of which appeared in 1995 as a homologation version of the 993-generation 911, built to allow Porsche’s motorsport department to make 911 race cars to suit GT2 sports car racing regulations, hence the derivative suffix.

The 700hp 3.8-litre flat six in the GT2 RS is a development of the current 911 Turbo engine, which itself first appeared in a mid-life refreshed version of the 997-generation 911 in 2009.

The engine uses bigger turbochargers than the 911 Turbo’s, new pistons for a lower compression ratio, and new charge air intercoolers that are cooled by a water spray system fed from a five-litre tank located in the bottom of the car’s luggage compartment and allow the engine to maintain its peak outputs even at high temperatures and under demanding load conditions.

That it has a 7200rpm redline, Porsche claims, makes it exceptionally free-revving among similar turbocharged performance engines, although the fact that Ferrari’s turbo V8 488 Pista engine will spin to 8000rpm, and McLaren’s 720S turbo V8 faster still, rather gives the lie to that claim. Both key rivals are also lighter, more powerful and have more torque than the Porsche.

The car is rear driven in typical GT2 mould, but it’s the first GT2 to be fitted with a paddle-shift dual-clutch automatic gearbox instead of a manual.

The GT2 RS’s suspension hardware is almost identical to that of the new 911 GT3 RS (although the tuning of the PASM adaptive dampers is different) so the front MacPherson struts and rear SLA multi-link arrangements both feature helper springs for finer wheel control under extremes of load and both are mounted rigidly to the car’s body-in-white via ball joints instead of rubber bushings.

The suspension is adjustable for ride height, wheel camber and toe angle, and the primary suspension coil springs are made of exactly the same lightweight material as those of Porsche’s 911 GT3 R competition car.
Weight-saving measures include a titanium exhaust (7kg lighter than a 911 Turbo’s) forged alloy wheels, a bonnet, front wings and engine cover made of carbonfibre-reinforced plastic, polyurethane bumpers, and back and rear side window glazing in lightweight Gorilla Glass.

Standard specification includes fixed-backrest bucket seats and Porsche’s Clubsport package (half roll-cage, six-point driver’s racing harness, fire extinguisher, battery cut-off preparation). So having taken in the car’s swollen and steroidal-looking exterior modifications, the distinguishing features of the interior just build your sense of anticipation even higher for the driving experience that’s about to come.

You can swap out those seats for either less deeply bolstered buckets with folding backrests or Porsche’s 18-way electrically adjustable Sport Seats Plus, but there’d be little reason to do so on comfort grounds.

Porsche has kept the number of distinguishing features around the cockpit of the GT2 RS quite low, knowing that its customers will add their own pretty freely using its Exclusive Manufaktur customisation scheme. Via that route, you can have the car’s body colour echoed by the fascia trim if you want, although our test car had the carbon weave trim instead (which also appears on its gearshift paddles, steering wheel and elements of the exterior as part of the Weissach package) and looked nicely understated and businesslike.

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